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Cancer Testing
and Treatment

Leading-edge diagnostics

Accurate diagnosis is the first step toward minimizing health risks and problems, especially when it comes to the threat of cancer. When a Pap test or pelvic exam indicates a problem, we use advanced 3D ultrasound technology for gynecological testing. We also offer digital mammograms through our association with Mesa View Regional Hospital. Our goal is to catch any cancer early in its development and keep it from progressing.

Advanced ultrasound
Our highly trained and experienced sonographer, Barbara, has been with the practice since 2004 and has the expertise to provide all the critical information we need to evaluate gynecological health. 3D ultrasound is safe and noninvasive. For gynecological care, ultrasound testing enables us to view all the organs within the female pelvic region and test for such things as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids or masses.

Dr. Ofori may perform an in-office colposcopy when a Pap smear is inconclusive. The colposcopy allows Dr. Ofori to have an enlarged view of the cervix, with the purpose of assessing potential problems including cervical cancer. You may experience some minor cramping.
Recovery time is immediate.

We do this nonsurgical, in-office procedure to check for endometrial cancer as well as to find the cause of abnormal bleeding or infertility or to remove growths, such as fibroids or polyps. A hysteroscopy involves inserting a tiny probe, called a hysteroscope, through the vagina and cervix and into the uterus. The probe has a light and camera attached to it so we can look at the lining of the uterus on a video screen.

Cancer Treatment
Our goal is to help our patients maintain optimum health so we never have to deliver the news that they have cancer. When we do, we believe you deserve honesty as well as compassion and will give you all the information you need to make treatment decisions that are right for you and your family.

We offer the latest surgical treatment to treat cervical and uterine cancers. Should you require additional treatment from an oncologist (cancer specialist), we will work as your medical team leader, providing medical and emotional support here in Mesquite and coordinating with one of our three gynecology oncologist partners in Nevada or Utah to ensure you get the best care available anywhere.

When you suffer from one of these conditions, Dr. Ofori will be monitoring you closely and providing alternatives for care. In some cases, when endometrial ablation isn’t an option, he may recommend a hysterectomy to eliminate pain and avoid future complications. The majority of the time we can use more advanced, minimally invasive techniques that do not require open surgery.

Most of the hysterectomies we do are transvaginal or laparoscopic. The transvaginal approach, which uses laparoscopic techniques, removes the uterus through the vagina with less scarring, pain and recovery time. With this method, we are able to help women get back to normal activities in days, not weeks. Since we avoid a large incision, recovery is shorter and less uncomfortable.

In some cases, we may need to remove the uterus through the abdomen using a laparoscopic approach. While more invasive than the vaginal hysterectomy, this method is still far, far easier on you than the traditional open technique. It requires only tiny incisions, so recovery is shorter and less uncomfortable, and scarring is minimized.